Biomine Software - Disclaimer and License agreement

In regard to the programs and web servers provided by the biomine lab herewith (the Software) any user (the User) of the program undertakes to authors of the Software (the Copyright holder) that he or she shall be bound by the following terms and conditions:

  1. The User who receives the Software and any related documentation shall not use them for any purpose except for their own, noncommercial academic research. The Software shall be used only by such of the User's officers or employees to whom it must reasonably be communicated to enable them to undertake their research and who agree to be bound by the same rules as the User. The User shall procure and enforce such agreement from his or her staff for the benefit of the Copyright holder.

  2. The publication of research using the Software must include an appropriate citation to the used Software and the underlying method(s).

  3. All forms of the Software shall be kept in a reasonably secure place to prevent unauthorised access.

  4. The Software may be modified, but any changes made shall be communicated to the Copyright holder and made freely available. Any modified version of the Software shall remain subject to the terms of this license.

  5. The Software shall not be sold as a standalone package and shall not be used for commercial research or incorporated into a commercial software package without the written permission of the Copyright holder. The Software may be used freely for individual, noncommercial academic research. The Software may also be made freely available for training or teaching purposes.

  6. The results produced by the Software shall not be incorporated into any data banks or databases which are subject to the payment of access or license fees without the written permission of the Copyright holder.

  7. The Software may be made available to users over a local network or wide area network (including the Internet), but only if access is granted free of charge to all authorised users. Incorporation of the Software into a commercial Web site or other fee paying service is not allowed without the written permission of the Copyright holder. If results produced by the Software are returned to the user via such a network service, then a suitable acknowledgement of the used Software must be returned somewhere in the output text.

  8. The User understands that the Software is supplied "as is". No warranty as to its fitness or suitability for any purpose whatsoever is made or implied. In no event shall the Copyright holder be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages arising through the use of the Software.