The DEPICTER Server is designed to predict intrinsically disordered regions and some of their molecular functions and partners. At present it accepts one protein sequence. Following are the steps how to use the server :

  1. Submission of query using server

    Users need to provide the protein seqeunce in fasta format only. Sequence can be pasted in the textbox or the file containing the sequence can be uploaded. "Example" provides a protein seqeunce and "Reset sequence" button will clear the text area.

  2. Procedure to get the predictions

    Clicking "RUN" button will redirect to a new "Processing Page" where user will be notified that the seqeunce has been submitted and its in the queue. Since there are multiple predictors running in "Biomine" webserver, so it might take some time to get processed. Also, user with same IP address can use the server not more than twice. Once all the outputs are generated, user will be directed into the "Results Page" to get the results.

  3. Explanation of Output

    The outputs of all the predictors show both "Propensity Score" and "Binary value" for each residue of the submitted protein sequence.

  4. Saving the results