DisoLipPred - Disordred Lipid binding Predictor

DisoLipPred webserver

The server is designed for the prediction of disordered lipid binding regions(DLBR). The server generates numeric score for each residue in the input protein sequence that quantifies putative propensity to being inside a DLBR. Larger value of propensity denotes higher likelihood to being inside DLBR. It also provides putative binary annotations (a given residue is predicted either being inside of a DLBR or not being inside of a DLBR).

Please follow the three steps below to make predictions:

1. Upload a file with protein sequences, or paste protein sequences into text area

Server accepts up to 2 (FASTA formated) protein sequences. Either upload a file or enter protein sequences in consecutive lines in the following text field (see Help for details):

2. Provide your e-mail address (optional)

Please provide your e-mail address to be notified when results are ready.

3. Predict:

Click button to launch prediction.


DisoLipPred accepts upto 2 protein sequences. The user should submit the protein sequence(s) in FASTA format.

The format of the input file is as follows: (Here is an example of input file )

  • Line1: >protein ID
  • Line2: protein sequence (1-letter amino acid encoding)

DisoLipPred normally takes around three minutes to predict a protein sequence with an approximate size of 200 AAs


We acknowledge with thanks the following software used as a part of this server:

  • AsAquick - Prediction of solvent accesibility
  • SPOT-Disorder - Prediction of intrinsic disorder
  • PSIPRED - Prediction of secondary structure
  • ANCHOR - Prediction of disordered protein binding regions
  • AAindex - Amino acid indices database