QUARTER - QUality Assessment for pRotein inTrinsic disordEr pRedictions

The server generates quality assessment for protein intrinsic disorder predictions.

Please follow the four steps below to make assessment:

1. Select a disorder predictor for the quality assessment

2. Provide protein sequence(s) and disorder prediction(s)

QUARTER accepts up to 1000 proteins. Please enter FASTA formatted protein sequences and CSV formatted disorder predictions generated by the selected predictor above. (see Help section for details of input format).

3. Provide your email address (required)

Please enter your email address in the following text area. A link to results of assessment will be sent to your email address once they are ready. The results will be also available in the browser window.

4. Predict

Click the Run button to launch the quality assessment prediction.


The webserver accepts up to 1000 proteins. Each protein requires three lines and multiple proteins should be placed in consecutive lines.

    The format of each input protein is as follows:
  • Line 1: >protein ID
  • Line 2: protein sequence (one-letter amino acid encoding)
  • Line 3: comma-separated disorder predictions

The protein sequence from Line 1 to Line 2 should be formatted in the FASTA format. The disorder predictions on Line 3 should be formatted as Comma-Separated Values (CSV).

Here is an example input file.


  • Training dataset - the sequences, disorder predictions and native disorder annotations for the training dataset
  • Test dataset - the sequences, disorder predictions, native disorder annotations, and predicted quality assessment scores for the test dataset
  • Human proteome - the sequences, disorder predictions, native disorder annotations, predicted quality assessment scores, and annotations of high quality correct predictions for the human proteome
  • README - descriptions of file format for the datasets above


We acknowledge with thanks the following software used as a part of this server:

  • SEG - Prediction of low complexity regions in protein sequences
  • ASAquick - Prediction of protein accessible surface area