DisoRDPbind webserver

DisoRDPbind predicts the RNA-, DNA-, and protein-binding residues located in the intrinsically disordered regions. DisoRDPbind is implemented using a runtime-efficient multi-layered design that utilizes information extracted from physiochemical properties of amino acids, sequence complexity, putative secondary structure and disorder, and sequence alignment.

Please follow the three steps below to make predictions:

1. Upload a file with protein sequences, or paste them into text area

Server accepts up to 5000 (FASTA formated) protein sequences.
Either upload a file or enter each protein in a new line in the following text field (see Help for details):

2. Provide your e-mail address (required):

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3. Predict:


Upon the usage the users are requested to use the following citation:


Datasets used to design and evalaute DisoRDPbind: These datasets are in the following format: Supplement


DisoRDPbind accepts either single or multiple protein sequences and the input is limited to 5000 protein sequences at the time. The user should submit the protein sequence(s) in FASTA format.

The format of the input file is as follows (Here is an example of input file where DisoRDPbind takes approximately 5 minutes to predict 500 proteins with average size of 300 AAs.):


We acknowledge with thanks the following software used as a part of this server:

We also acknowledge Mizianty MJ and Chen Wang for their help in implementation of DisoRDPbind.