DEPICTER : DisorderEd PredictIon CenTER

The server is designed for prediction of intrinsically disordered regions and thier selected molecular functions and partners.

Please follow the four steps below to make predictions:

1. Upload a file with protein sequence, or paste it into text area

Server accepts only 1 (FASTA formated) protein sequence. Either upload a file or enter the protein sequence in the following text field (see Help for details):

2. Provide your e-mail address (optional)

Please enter your email address in the following text area. A link to results of assessment will be sent to your email address once they are ready. The results will be also available in the browser window.

3. Compute results for the following methods

A. Disordered Residue Predictors
B. Disordered Protein-binding Residue Predictors
C. Disordered RNA-binding Residue Predictor
D. Disordered DNA-binding Residue Predictor
E. Disordered linker Residue Predictor
F. Disordered Multifunctional Residue Predictor

4. Predict

Click RUN to launch prediction


The server accepts only one protein sequence. The user should submit the protein sequence(s) in FASTA format.

The format of the input file is as follows Here is an example of input file

  • Line1: >protein ID
  • Line2: protein sequence (1-letter amino acid encoding)

The server normally takes less than one minute to predict a protein sequence with average size of 500 AAs.


The Test dataset can be downloaded from here: Benchmark Dataset.

The dataset contains 216 and 255 protein sequences curated from DISPROT and PDB, respectively. Each sequence has a protein identifier, one-letter amino acid encoded sequence and 6 lines of annotations in binary format where '1' denotes presence of an annotation and '0' denotes absence of annotation. Dash(-) denotes a given protein sequence donot have a particular type of annotation.

The format of the file is as follows:

  • Line1: > Protein ID
  • Line2: Protein sequence in one-letter amino acid encoding
  • Line3: Annotations of disordered residues
  • Line4: Annotations of disordered protein-binding residues
  • Line5: Annotations of disordered RNA-binding residues
  • Line6: Annotations of disordered DNA-binding residues
  • Line7: Annotations of disordered linker residues
  • Line8: Annotations of disordered multifunctional residues


We acknowledge with thanks the following softwares used as a part of this server:

  • IUPred2A, ANCHOR2 - Prediction of Intrinsically Unstructured Proteins
  • SPOT-Disorder-Single - Accurate Single-Sequence Prediction of Protein Intrinsic Disorder
  • fMoRFpred - Fast Molecular Recognition Feature predictor
  • DisoRDPbind - Predictor of disorder-mediated RNA, DNA and protein binding regions
  • DFLpred - Disordered Flexible Linker predictor
  • DMRpred - Disordered Moonlighting Region predictor