DescribePROT-DatabasE of StruCtuRe and functIon residue-Based prEdictions of PROTeins

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This server provides 3 experimentally validated structural properties and 19 putative structural and functional properties at the amino acid level for 2,276,602 proteins from 273 complete proteomes of popular/model organisms. Help and Tutorial that explain how to use DescribePROT are available HERE.


Number of proteins 2,276,602
Number of amino acids 973,123,229
Number of predictions 21,101,037,225
Number of predicted properties 19
Number of predictors 11
Number of experimentally validated annotations 22,446,340
Number of experimentally validated properties 3
Number of proteomes 273
Number of eukaryotic proteomes 92
Number of bacterial proteomes 103
Number of viral proteomes 61
Number of archaeal proteomes 17

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Users should cite the corresponding article(s) upon the use of predictions generated by the selected predictor(s).

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